Monday, 2 June 2008


Oh dear! Senior Moments abound!
I have just realised that because I was off line with the computer being sick and all that, I forgot to mention- because it was 12 GD had her 9th birthday, she didn't want a party this year [must be growing up], so her mum filled their flat with balloons, it must have taken her absolutely ages to blow them all up, no pump, whew I get puffed just thinking about it. Anyway she put banners up and it looked great for when GD woke in the morning. Must have been good quality balloons too as some of them are still floating around.She had a lovely day, with some lovely presents. Lots of clothes and games for her DS thingy!! AND from her Auntie she got an amazing present, a Ticket to go and see, LIVE ON STAGE in LONDON, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! She absolutely loves HSM, so is very excited about that. Her mum is going too, they asked me if I wanted to go, but I backed out, not my scene I am afraid, they will have a grand time without me anyway, so the three of them will be off the day after she breaks up from school for the long Summer break. I am trying to think of the other prezzies she had, but 'SM!!' cant remember. Suffice to say she was thrilled with everything she got.

Just after this her mum got a really poorly foot and had to have a week off work, apparently it was cellulitus, oh it was nasty. Her foot ballooned up and went a really horrid colour. She was on penicillin for it, she is back to work tomorrow so has had a good long time for it to get better. The doctor has informed her though that she will always have to walk a lot - which she does anyway - as she will probably suffer with her legs later in life - oh dear shades of me here - AND that if she ever went anywhere by Plane she MUST wear the special socks for the DVT. Bit of a shock for her.

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