Sunday, 8 June 2008


Today, well actually, yesterday, I was very good, I got my Newsletter done and printed out for my Quilt group, needs lists and other stuff done too. They are all sitting here, in their envelopes ready for the post on Monday. I never leave post in the boxes over the weekend, strange things have happened in them there boxes.
I then did a bit of tidying - again - in my sewing room. Its amazing how messy it gets when making these postcards.
This evening I have been doing a bit of research, Sarah, who I am going to swap a card with has told me what she likes and off I went to have a look. Hmm Pheneas and Ferb. I had never heard of them, but I can see them now. Hmm I wonder what I can do, if anything with them...... ............. We shall see.
I have also sorted out the next swap for one of the groups I am in. PIZZAZZ, Great group if you wish to swap cards and other stuff with a wonderful group of ladies. Everyone on this group fulfils their promise to swap, no dodos in this group. Come join us, we are on the lookout for new people, new countries. I am going to put the link over there in side bar, when I work out how t do it!!!!
I took some fun photos the other day. Still practising with the digi camera. " Will you let me come to the party now I have my party hat?"

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