Friday, 6 June 2008


Mock Pineapple - a very quick one to make, honestly, it is.
This one not so quick, but very effective, I designed and made this one for Makower UK - it made it to a magazine!!! It is my design not someone else's!!!!!
Ah, my favourites, teddies, I have lots and lots of them and this Quilt honours them.
Another quilt made for Makower UK, this is called Flower Path - some intense quilting on this one.
Yet another Makower UK quilt, I think I called this one Rose Trellis or something like that anyway. All the Makower UK quilts I made, I designed myself.
I have a nasty feeling I have already put this one on, if I have, sorry! It was made for a competition in a magazine for 'Squares'...............I didn't win anything!
This is a small hanging in the Amish style....cute isn't it?a close up of the above

Something different, not a quilt really I made this as a door curtain for my mum for her draughty old house, she loved it. It has come back to me, no-one else in the family wanted it!! Says a lot! Mind you the Quilt I made her went to my SIL. I hope she is enjoying the use of it.
This is a lap quilt, not my usual colours but I think it works. Did this as a class, a Sampler quilt.
Again something a little bit different, you know when you straighten your fabrics, the bit you cut off generally goes in the bin, ho ho not for this chick it doesn't. I save it all. This was made from such bits and pieces. Neat huh!

and this is the back view for you to see the quilting I did.
Another backside [?] view for you, the corner so you can see how I turned the feather round the corner. This was all done with the fee dogs down and free machine quilted. so if there is a hiccup, tough, I don't mind. I was singing away with Robbie whilst doing this. Great fun.
Jacobean Quilting, first time I had ever tried it, still not sure whether I like it or not.
Here we have a quilt that won me a prize!! How strange is that. The fabrics were supplied, well some of them were, we could add up to 4 more and then had to make something a specific size. This is what I did. I call it 'They Fall at Night Too!'The end. Whew! Till next time. Not many left now.


Noel said...

Another batch of beautiful quilts my friend!!!

Di said...

The last one is a blast from the past! How long ago - no don't tell me it will make me feel old (ok, older than I already am!!!!)

jan said...

Thank you Noel and Di for your comment, hee hee yep Di, how long, oh don't go there!!