Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Today, I got the remainder of the photos, framed and sewn on the background, there were actually 11 not 7 as I had thought yesterday. I was going to start attaching the frames to the background but had to call a halt to my sewing. Hubby had a nap, he was up so very early this morning for his shift - he is a bus driver, horrid shifts - so I cant sew whilst he is zzzzzing. Never mind, I found something else to do, actually, I pulled out one of my really old patchwork books and settled down to read it. Yes, read it. The old books were mainly text, no pictures, and if there are pictures they were always in black and white, so you had to use your imagination for the colours.
Anyway I digress. The quilt is coming along nicely, still haven't scanned piks into computer, try to remember to do that tomorrow. 'A' brought up the rest of the messages today also, so I now have everything for the quilt. All I have to do is crack on with it.

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