Thursday, 12 June 2008


Today was the day I had to collect my new glasses, so full of anticipation I went to town and strode quite cheerfully down the main street to the Opticians! New glasses waiting for me, they fitted them and altered them, then gave me something to read. ARGH! Couldn't focus. What a nightmare, I thought they said they were a little different.
Oh well, gotta get used to them so off I went, new glasses on. Bumped into three people, staggered around a shop unseeing anything I was trying to look at. Persevered, went to the market to choose some Orange fabric, all the colours made me dizzy, went to bus station, oh oh stairs!! Escalator!! Man helped me up the stairs and escalator. I felt 90 and then some.
Got on bus, nearly missed my stop. Came home; thought, try some sewing..
Actually wasn't too bad, I did a fair bit on J's quilt, quite pleased with myself. Head throbbing a bit. Or did I imagine that?
Hubby came home took one look said put your old ones back on. His wish was my command. Head by now really crazy. I am going back tomorrow to get them checked that the right lenses have been put in. Otherwise I just don't know what to do cos I cant see through them properly. I know you have to persevere with a new prescription, but, this was pure hell.
After dinner, with my old glasses on I did some more on J's quilt, All the photos are now on, bar one. I cant seem to fit it in where it was supposed to go so have got to check it is okay to put it somewhere else...oh dear!
I held the Quilt up so I could see how it was coming along. Now all the photos are on it doesn't look too bad really. I am quite pleased with the way it is turning out. I do hope J likes it when she gets it!!!!
Tomorrow I shall sort the borders out and get them attached, then the messages put on, then I can sandwich it and start the quilting. YAY! I am getting there.

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