Sunday, 4 January 2009


This is my September Mingle card from Dawn in Turkey. It is late because Dawn had a very sick baby and I told her not to worry about the Postcards, getting her daughter well is far more important. Don't you agree. So here it is, and I love it, because it is really special, each of the things have a particular meaning for Dawn's children, isn't that great? Thank you Dawn I love it. The baby is well again I am pleased to report.

Here is my December Mingle card from Heidi in Germany, that is one cheeky looking bear, this was perfect for me as I do collect teddies. Cant help it, I love them. Thank you Heidi. This card completed the full Mingle set for me. You can see all the cards I received plus the ones I sent on the side bar, they are towards the bottom, so you have to scroll down.

Here is the card that eventually got made after feeding the bin with several before hand. It is a Snow globe, you cant see that, but the glitter really does fall about when you shake it. I am going to make more of these, it was fun to do, once I got the hang of it. This is for Rebecca in USA.

Hopefully Katy wont come and peek, this is her card for the next stage of Group 3 cards, the theme being food.

I have one card to make to be caught up with the Popular Patchwork Forum, as it is not due until February, I think, I feel I am OK.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Love the food card. Those fruits look good enough to eat, especially the Kiwis.

Anonymous said...

hi janet Happy new year.
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog it is very much appreciated. I love your food postcard very tropical fruit salad. Love Susan

jan said...

Hello Phyllis and Susan,
thank you both for your kind comments, always a pleasure to see friends on here. :-)