Friday, 2 January 2009


My My, time flies,
those words are the first line of a song by Enya.

What have I been up to? Well as you know I belong to the Popular Patchwork Magazine Forum, link is over on the side if you are wanting to come and join us. It is great! There are all sorts of things going on, and I [being a bossy old trout] have just set up a ZAPPING UFO club. The ladies, [don't think we have any gents yet!!!], have to pledge to finish at least 3 of their UFOs. I wasn't sure how it would go, but there are quite a few ladies in the club [HeeHee not THAT club] and it only started yesterday. Between them there are 28 to be finished so far. These are going to be the ones I am pledging to finish, which makes it 32! I am offering a small prize to the person who finishes most UFO's at the end of the year. Bit of a carrot and stick thing!!!

Hearts in Stars -
small hanging should be quick to finish, good start...

Foundation Pieced Village -
small hanging, always a nightmare to quilt because of all those turnings, I may opt to machine tie this one!!! hmmmmmmm....

Chained Houses -
So called as it is Irish Chain with Houses running through the chain..medium size hanging, this was printed off the computer yonks ago by my daughter and her hubby to show me what I could get off the WWW, it was before I had my own computer, how much pink? ......
sorry about the thin picture, I cut me out of it, you DID NOT want to see the face I was pulling!!!!!

Golden Jubilee Sue -
so called as I taught a class for Sunbonnets and this is the result of all the Sue's I made at it, it was the year of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, [just looked it up, it was 2002], they are all in red, white and blue, and with a yellow background for the Golden bit....very patriotic of me! .....
another skinny pik - same reason as above..

My My, time flies...
how true that is

I have been tagged by Maggie, ho hum
will sort that out tomorrow Maggie, thank you...I think!

Just looked at last years resolutions.
  • Finish all Makower quilts Not one done
  • Keep fabric cupboard tidy Annette tried
  • Keep this Blog up-to-date Yep, did that
  • Lose weight I lost one stone
  • Make a Journal Quilt Page -
  • one per month in honour of Di's Book she bought me Oh dear
  • Regularly clear out scraps - I don't need them Yep, they all went to the School
Hey, on second thoughts, I don't think that is too bad, do you?

NEW REZZIES tomorrow folks, I'm away to my bed.

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