Friday, 16 January 2009


This evening I sewed and took some photos, I am cracking on with my Singing Garden Quilt, I am really liking this now, see how things change! I also remembered to take some piks of the experimental quilts Annette and I did. I did a mass of other stuff too, too boring to mention.


This is an individual 'Pine Burr' blcok for you to see

Annette and myself took the same fabrics and made a quilt each using this pattern, the only thing different is the background of each quilt, Annette used CREAM, I used BLACK. We made them as an experiment in colour for my group to see what happens to colours using different backgrounds..interesting results.

Annette's Cream... I do not understand why this picture is so small!!! I will redo...

my black...

Interesting huh?


I am cracking on with the borders now of my Singing Garden Quilt ala Babs of Popular Patchwork Forum

The corner flowers...

The corner vine...

Longer shot of the vine...

it wont be long before I can start to quilt it, hooray.


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