Friday, 16 January 2009


Well, actually I had two!

Ros and her husband came to see me, what a lovely surprise, they had dropped their son off very near to me on a weekend retreat and called to see me. Bless her, she brought me some wonderful fabrics, I can already see what I can use them for, many thanks Ros. She also brought along her border for the Quilt we are making with Kerstin and Helen G. It is brilliant, I will get a photo done tomorrow and post it here. It was a pleasure to meet you in the flesh Ros, and of course hubby too. Maybe you will come by again, and hopefully have more time to stay.

No sewing done at all today, most unlike me, but I had to get all my bits together for my class tomorrow. It seemed to take me so long to sort it all out. Never mind, it is all ready now, all I have to do in the morning is remember the milk in the fridge, along with what I have just realised I haven't packed, the tea, coffee, sugar, my milk, spoons, etc. Now how did I forget that lot! Oh dear. I can just imagine the uproar if I didn't take it! Too many things on my mind.


I was going to treat myself to an early night this evening, I may make it to bed before 12, then again!!!! I have a niggling feeling now I have forgotten something else!!!! What can it be?


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