Thursday, 22 January 2009


How bad am I? I took the day off from working on the Charity Quilt!! Was good to have a break from it.

This evening I was back onto it though and do you know..... from 7 - 10pm.....3 hours folks, I stitched and fiddled with it and re-arranged and all I have to show for those 3 hours is.... a Maypole!

Blow me! It took 3 hours to get it right.

I am going to have to get a bit faster than that, I want this finished tomorrow evening and ready for quilting over the weekend. It's not that I was slow, I just couldn't get the blooming thing to lay just right, grrrrrr. Its done now though, thank goodness, crumbs it was easier doing the postcard I made in a similar vein. Here it is for you to see. The Postcard that is.

This is what gave me the idea for the Charity Quilt. The Quilt is obviously bigger with a lot more on it. A LOT more!!!!! Hmm I am looking at this Maypole and I think I should have just done one like this, NOT faffed around with it as I have this evening....for 3 blooming hours.

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