Wednesday, 21 January 2009



I'm not politically minded, but I just HAD to watch the inauguration of Barack H Obama as 44th President of America. I'm glad I did.
I hadn't been too keen on him for some reason, but after that speech he made, and what a speech, and what a memory he has, I was quite impressed.
Let's give the chap a chance, see what happens.

Isn't that a lovely picture.

I felt so sorry for his two little girls though, that was a l-o-n-g day for them.

Good luck Mr. President


Maggie R said...

Hi Jan,
Yes, I was glued to the tellie too. I think Barack will be just what they need in the US... Vast improvement !!
It leaves a lump in my throat to think about the progress the world has made...Another chapter for the history books..
PS.... Jan...Your Package was ready to go last week but both times I was out I forgot it!!! Brain Overload!!!!Tomorrow for sure ;-}

Anonymous said...

I did miss the speech program in the afternoon, but did get to watch the bbc2 program later that night, about his growing up years, very intresting it was.

Take care

Lynn said...

I am a Proud American today!
I loved what I saw yesterday.
I am hopeful and do feel Obama is what and who we need right now.
I like him very much and finally feel that my voted actually counted this time!!!!

jan said...

Hi Maggie,
I was spellbound! That doesnt normally happen to me as I don't watch TV, had to watch History being made though. Glad I did too.
Don't worry Maggi, I 4get stuff all the time, I am going to have to go back to making lists. People laugh at my lists but at least I then remember.

Hi Tracey,
Oh I didn't see that part, blow! Glad I saw what I did though, and everyone was so orderly and well behaved, wouldnt happen here, there would be drunks and all sorts going on. :-(

Hi Lynn,
You have every reason to be, I wish we could be proud of our lot!!!! That'll be the day. :-!