Wednesday, 21 January 2009


It belongs to Rebecca, my Grand daughter.
What a lucky girl she is.
A HUGE thank you to my friend Pat, who gave the machine to her.
She is thrilled with it.

Couldn't wait to have a go...

With my threads of course...

Such concentration!!!

Steady as you go...

Totally relaxed...

Smile, it really is yours...

Perfect hand positions...

Result of first time on her OWN machine.

I am looking forward to showing Rebecca, along with her mum of course, what she can do on her machine. She too, is looking forward to using it at my future classes. Catch 'em young. She has no fear of the machine at all, her foot was all the way down on the pedal, go girl.


Maggie R said...

I love to see the young ones interested like that.. Is this your grand daughter Jan?
Start 'em young I say and I can only imagine how she feels having her own machine.
Great pictures.. Thanks for sharing

jan said...

Hi Maggie,
She certainly is my GD, just corrected that, thanks for pointing out I missed it. lol. She usually uses my sewing machine, so isn't new to them at all, but how lovely of my friend to GIVE Reb her very own one. I think you can see Reb loves it. :-) I get to have mine back now. :-)

Reflections of life and art said...

What a wonderful gift for your granddaughter. She looks like a pro sitting there making up her stitch sample fabric.
No surprise since she has a pro like grandma to teach her...lucky girl!
Looks like the two of you will be sharing more time together too!
What a blessing!


jan said...

Hello my lovely Noel,
Since I posted this, the sample has been made into a cape, with the addition of a duster!! very resourceful my GD...for her PolarBear. He is now....melting!!!

lol Jan :-)