Thursday, 15 January 2009


Just click to find your country and read in comfort in your own language.

Silly me, I went BACK to Elena's Blog and woohoo, there it was, just waiting for me.
Thank you Elena for showing me the way. In fact a big thank you from Babs and myself. :-)


Anonymous said...

this is very useful, how did you get it on your blog,
handy as im learning french,
take care

Di said...

These are good but when you translate it back to English it's quite amusing. English to Russian and back to English is hilarious!!!!! GErman is the same.

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Good idea, Jan. Have just pinched it.
Any more?

jan said...

Hi Tracey,
If you just click on the Yahoo bit it will take you there to copy it.

Hi Babs,
I will send you a long list of them. {Sorry about the news of your friend Babs. Dreadful news} lol Jan

Hi Di,
Are you saying it will come back to me as gibberish!!
The only language I speak is English, so I hope these translations are right, and not sending any rude messages to my foreign friends. Jan.