Tuesday, 13 January 2009


This card winged its way from America to my door, thank you Lori, WEAVING theme from Fabricards, it is great...

OH My! Isn't this wonderful. A proper Snow Globe, unlike my stupid effort!!!
Another Fabricards swap, this one also from America, came in a well padded envelope, Rebecca, great to swap with you again, many many thanks for my super card, I love it...
a picture of the one I sent to Rebecca is a few posts back, I did a square one!!!
Stupid. I know.

In the Popular Patchwork Forum we are doing a swap - as you know by now - these two are in the post going to........not telling......the theme was REGION.
this one is Beckets Park, when I first moved to Northampton I used to walk past this every day on the way to work...

this one, is our town centre Market, well I have to say it doesn't actually look like this, this is the artists licence if you ask me. It looks lovely doesn't it? Hmmm the real thing is a bit naff to be honest. But I did my best.......

The last two cards were made by printing the pictures off from an old calendar we had of Northampton and I just did some FME on them. Not much happens here in Northampton any more sad to say, Our main street is resembling a ghost town with the closure of Woollies, cos that was a BIG store. Lets hope things get better soon. I am hoping the next theme Katy comes up with is one I like, I really don't like doing Region cards.



I went to town today and met my friend Di for coffee, cos she is off to Hong Kong at the weekend, and I had my Pilate's ball for her to try, to see if it eased her back pain at all. Anyway, after two coffees and a good long chat we parted, and I was going straight home, but had to walk to the bus stop, cos the escalator in the bus station is STILL BROKEN ---5 weeks now--- and on my way, I passed the pound shop.

Well I have to tell you, this dirty great magnet, pulled me into the shop and made me buy things. It did I tell you. Truly.

I bought, Paint. Why? Because. They may come in handy. Don't you agree?

Poster paints, Pastel paints, glitter paints, water colour paints, acrylic paints, some other paints cant remember what sort they were, but they were paint.

So I think I am covered for every possible aspect of painting that just MAY crop up in the future regarding swaps and journals and the like. £1 each, you couldn't not buy really could you? Well, I couldn't.

Oh, I also bought a sketch pad. For goodness sake, why the heck did I buy a sketch pad? I cant draw.


What is?
The Tens machine wasn't working for me today, I turned it up to its full potential and thought, uhu, something wrong here Janet. Guess what?
Flat battery.
Ho hum off to the shops again tomorrow.


I sat and cut out all the twirly whirly bits for the borders of my Singing Garden Quilt. Good grief, they took me all evening to do. The things I make myself do. I tell you. I must be crackers or something??? DO NOT ANSWER that!



Di said...

Why did you not text me about the paints??????? Mind you I do have a few already I suppose!

jan said...

OOps, that is what I thought, you had loads anyway already, but I can get you some on Thursday.

Angela said...

Jan those postcards are just beautiful! I wish was the luck recipient of Becket's Park - just gorgeous!

jan said...

Hi Angela, I am hoping it has arrive to its owner, may have to do another one. Glad you liked it, fun to do once more. :-)

QuiltandPatch said...

Why not get rechargable batteries and a battery charger then you need never be out of full batteries! You should see Roy's workshop!! hehe