Friday, 2 January 2009


I thought I had come to the wrong place when this page loaded, I had forgotten I had changed the look! hohoho. I think I like it. Will leave it for a while to see anyway.
So, what have I been doing today? I finished the two fabric Postcards that should have been done and posted in December last year!!! Oh dear!! Apologies going to Katy from Popular Patchwork Forum and Rebecca in USA. I hope you will like your cards when you get them.

Katy's one is kind of similar to another from the Forum, but that cant be helped, sometimes it is a case of 'great minds think alike'. The reason I made what I did, is , Annette had all this gorgeous fabric and asked me if I would like some. Would I? You betcha. So the card was made from that. It is the theme 'FOOD'.

Rebecca's card, oh me oh my, did that give me a few headaches. I had an idea of what to do, but when I started, all went wrong and the bin got fed several times. Then the old light bulb pinged and I got it done in one sitting today. It took about 2 hours I think to make, fairly quick for me. The theme for this one is 'SNOW GLOBE'. Now I have finished it, I want to make more of them, I really enjoyed making it. Great fun. I will put pictures up tomorrow in the hope they wont see them. Actually I had to smile when I showed this one to hubby, he thought it was for Rebecca our grand daughter. He reckons she would like one, sooooo......

I have also been busy on the computer, messaging, Helen G, Kerstin and Ros, on the PP Forum. We are going to make a joint quilt for the Children's Society together. I had another 'ping' when I was tidying up my Blog. I emailed them with my idea, and I am so pleased, they have all accepted it. We have until 14th February to get this done. A challenge true, but those of you who know me now, will know I LOVE a challenge. This WILL be done. Oh yes! They are each sending me some recycled bits, so I can make a start. Looking forward to this one.

I received these postcards just before Christmas, I have only just got round to thanking the ladies for them, how bad am I? Christmas has a lot to answer for if you ask me!!!

This one is from Katy, couldn't you just take a big bite from it?
Thanks Katy its great- I am actually very lucky I got this cos there was no stamp on it!!

This wonderful Christmas tree is from Francoise,
many thanks to you also, I love my cards.

Isn't it great, every card is just so different from the next, makes you think what will people come up with next doesn't it.

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